The following office spaces are available:

  • Ground floor BT D - 27 m² (ground floor component D)
  • Ground floor BT D - 26 m²
  • 1st floor BT C - 52 m²
  • 1st floor BT C - 54 m²
  • 1st floor BT D / C - 277 m²
  • 3rd floor BT A - 49 m²
  • 4th floor BT B - 36 m²
  • 3rd floor BT D - 182 m²

As a tenant, you can rent a conference room with 28 m² for approx. 10-12 people and one of 50 m² for approx. 20 people, which are left with a projector and WiFi. The room can be 100 m² and is also suitable for company parties.

When the situation considering the Coronavirus is relaxing, the bistro on the ground floor will be reopened.

The managing director Karin Rech will be happy to advise you and inform you about options and offers.
Telephone: 06151 39786-0.

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