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today and its history


In the 19th and 20th centuries, new land was created in Darmstadt’s present-day Weststadt for commercial and industrial use, which today covers an area of about eight square kilometres. Bosch GmbH operated a camera factory on part of this area until the 1980s.

Office building

The TIZ has functioned as an office building since 1999 and offers companies and young enterprises optimal conditions for a promising future through its services and networking opportunities. The owner of the TIZ, which once belonged to the Technical University of Darmstadt, is the non-profit Giersch Foundation in Frankfurt am Main of Senator E.h. Professor Carlo Giersch and his wife, Senator E.H. Karin Giersch. A cooperation with the TU Darmstadt continues.

Flats and renowned companies

After production ceased, an agreement with the city of Darmstadt resulted in the creation of a new quarter that was to realise living and working at the same time due to its central location and proximity to the main railway station. The aim was to turn the former Bosch site into a location that would stand out for its supra-regional importance and enable new jobs. The result of this agreement is a modern area where well-known companies have settled not far from numerous flats, such as the ESA with its European Space Operations Centre. Finally, the Technology and Innovation Centre Darmstadt was created in the former administration building of the Bosch GmbH company.


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